Arik (phizzy_chan) wrote in anthro,

Help for Hetero

HjelpForHeterofile :-:HFH/HFS:-: HelpForStraights

Long version(painfully honest):
Inspired by the various "Cure your homosexuality! Homosexuality is an illness! We have the meds!" - campaigns which has showed up in the last couple of years, we, a group of Norwegian save-the-vowels-activists*, have decided to declare war. It will be fought with words and pillows.

So far, we have developed, with great help from professor Extrem Elly G.Ayman, a cure to heterosexuality. Rejoice, people of the world, rejoice! You will find the cure in the journal. If not, simply add a comment asking for it, and we will be happy to send it to you.

Have a very gay year.

This is Help For Straights, signing off.
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